Experimentation With Clitoral Denial

Anonymous: I’ve heard opinions from women on both sides of clitoral stimulation. Some need it to maintain arousal, while others become more aroused without it. I say, whatever works for each person. If you need clitoral stimulation and ruined orgasms to maintain your arousal and interest in being anal only, you should stick with those and enjoy. But it probably wouldn’t hurt to every now and then experiment with some time away from your clit as well and see if things are still the same.

dumbandpretty: You bring up a good point. Without experimentation, pushing our limits, we never grow. A perfect example is anal sex; before I started this blog, I’d never even thought of letting a man put his dick in my butt. Now, it’s the only kind of sex I have (with a minor exception which I might elaborate upon later); I don’t even masturbate vaginally/clitorally any more. So maybe I should try abstaining from touching my pussy (clit included) altogether; not even ruined orgasms for me–if it doesn’t come from my butt (no puns, please), I don’t get to experience pleasure.

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