Officially 2 weeks anal only and no touch!

thatchocolatecoveredloli: It’s been very interesting and I kind of want to keep going. Me and Daddy talked about waiting one entire month before he uses my pussy again. It surprises me how much of an anal slut I’ve become. I never thought I could be so satisfied from having only having my ass filled over and over again. Should I…can I keep going?

Yes, you should keep going! Go for at least a whole month at a minimum. It sounds like you’re loving it—so why stop now? Wait until the end of the month to reassess. If you’re still having fun then, stay anal only.

thatchocolatecoveredloli: You guys helped convince Daddy and me! He says it sounds like a good idea. I think he just likes filling me up completely. No pussy November challenge accepted. ?

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