Message: Past Boyfriends Mostly Did Anal, New Boyfriend Only Did Once

beturass33My boyfriend and I have only had anal sex once. With my previous partners we primarily had anal sex. How do I get my current partner to love anal as much as I do? He won’t even finger my asshole during doggy… I’m desperate

You have my empathy, it’s got to be hard to go from being mostly anal only to going back to using your pussy exclusively.

Have you talked to him about it and let him know how much anal means to you? Most guys want to please their partners, but most guys also think that women don’t like anal and he might not try to do it any more if he doesn’t think you want it. However, if you have tried talking to him about it and he hasn’t shown interest, that can be harder to resolve. Still, communicate as a starting point, tell him that you love and need anal, and that you want to share it with him regularly. See what he says and if he has any concerns of his own about it, then try to resolve them. See if he’ll start to do anal more often, or start adding more anal play, or even just start by wearing a butt plug regularly and during sex.

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