The Benefits of an Anal Only Lifestyle

The Anal Only Lifestyle has a number of advantages over a conventional love life based around vaginal intercourse:

  • Greater trust and intimacy between partners. This builds closeness in the wider relationship, not just the sexual one.
  • A wholly natural form of birth control. A couple need not resort to measures that interfere with the quality of their pleasure or their health.
  • Greatly enhanced pleasure. It is already well known that anal sex is better for men, with deeper, more intense orgasms, but for women too this is a significant benefit. Not only are women much more likely to reach orgasm anally than vaginally, their orgasms are typically much stronger.
  • Contrary to uninformed popular opinion anal sex does not have a detrimental effect on the sphincter muscles or bowel control. In fact, regular anal sex strengthens these muscles and increases blood flow to the region through arousal. This all contributes to a healthier pelvic floor for the woman.
  • Following on from the above, there is evidence that the the muscle control gained through frequent anal aids a women in emptying their bowels. Once again, this is good for overall health.
  • For couples where either the man is longer than average or the woman’s vagina is shorter, anal provides a more satisfactory experience without the pain often caused by striking the cervix.
  • Fewer urinary tract infections for the woman, as having vaginal sex often irritates the urethra allowing bacteria to travel up into the bladder.

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