Message: What should I do? Any advice?, Part 2

Hi, it´s Suvi from Finland again.

Thank you so much from the several useful advices and I wanna give you small update of our situation…

The biggest shock for me is that I have been asking advice from numerous people, but only useful help I have got is from men but zero from women!!

All my girlfriends and all girls that give me advice in different chat rooms seems to be shearing the same opinion that I should talk and/or force my boyfriend to change or dump him even when I have been very clear that´s not even an option.

Like you very well told me that sex is only one part in relationship and for me it´s the only thing that isn´t perfect at the moment, but everything else is more than perfect. I cannot think even one more thing what I would wish more from him to make my life better.

Also to add few thoughts for you feminists that might be reading this… My boyfriend has been trying his best to give me the same pleasure as I´m giving to him, but if he´s not able what can he do? How many girls are willing to have anal sex if cannot enjoy it and just say “my ass is exit only” or “no men will ever put anything up my ass”? How disgusting partners are you if you are not willing to do something or anything that your love one really likes? It has nothing to do with men trying to make us women feel like less or lower form of human beings or sex slaves but honestly vice versa. Cannot even count how many times my boyfriend tells me how much he loves me  when he´s getting the best sex he can desire and after sex and all times between having sex again he´s more thoughtful than ever before, like almost we would been dating just few months and not several years.

Someone wrote me if I cannot make him change and still date with him I deserve to get fucked in the ass for rest of my life… When did I ever mention that I do not enjoy getting my ass fucked? I just miss my pussy getting fucked that´s all, but I do enjoy anal sex and I´m trying to find ways now to satisfy my boyfriend however he wants and also to find ways for myself to enjoy more sex without using my pussy.

And I really want to underline the fact that we are if even possible more closer than ever before because this is the first time for me that I have the change to show my boyfriend how much he means to me and I am ready to do anything for him because he have showed me and proven it to me countless of times.

So now it´s been more than 2 months sens I have had anything and I do mean anything in my pussy, so only anal sex. Sometimes we haven´t have sex for few days at all but sometimes we have sex 3 times in one day. I still really miss my pussy to get fucked, but in the same time I got many tips from men how to enjoy anal sex more and last week I bought with almost 500 euros worthy of different toys from our local sex shop and the biggest success has been a clit stimulator.

I can honestly and really recommend this toy to any girl or woman because this one is simply just genious 🙂 Using this toy at the same time when having anal sex gives you mindblowing orgasms I can promise you that and I sure this one would work perfectly for anal first-timers.

I think as you recommended I will order one or two butt plugs also and let´s see if they are any good, but I have to say that now I´m much more confident about the future even I still hope my boyfriend would share even small interest some day also for my pussy, but at least now I have learned many things more for myself to enjoy anal sex.

Thanks for your thoughtful advices and comments…

Kisses 🙂

Thank you for the update! I’m glad to hear that you’re figuring out a good compromise together and are committed to each other and each other’s pleasure. I’m sure that as you continue exploring and enjoying the anal only lifestyle together, you’ll find that you won’t miss vaginal sex nearly as much and will come to enjoy the idea of being anal only and not using your pussy much more. It can really start to become a special thing to not have vaginal sex, as strange as that can sound to some.

I think a lot of the people who have responded to you misunderstood the situation and defaulted to the idea that you were being somehow mistreated by someone selfish rather than recognizing the fact that your boyfriend has specific needs and preferences, and while you do as well, you’re willing to work to satisfy his needs while also working together to make it satisfying for the both of you. There’s nothing selfish or wrong about anyone preferring anal and wanting nothing to do with vaginal—so long as its consensual and everyone is on board with at least trying it.

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