Message: Am I Asking Too Much of Her?

You said to my last submission

That’s fantastic. Keep it up, keep her cumming, and keep communicating to make sure you both stay balanced and aren’t overdoing it or causing anything that might end up slowing things back down or requiring you to back off, and there’s a good chance she’ll want to keep going with just anal.

Make sure she knows how happy you are, too.

You think that I may be asking too much of her? I think it is what she wants and I don’t think she’d have anal with me if she didn’t want to. But if you think I could be doing harm to the chances of anal only then I’ll back off. That’d be hard as I’m having the best time of my life. How much is the right amount given where we are?

And yes I’ve been telling her every day how happy this makes me. But I think she can tell anyways.

Not at all, if it’s working for the both of you. If she’s happy and you’re happy, great! I just mean to stay in communication and adjust if necessary. If not necessary, keep having fun!

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