Message: I Was Wrong About Anal

Anonymous: Hi. A friend of mine directed me here. I only got to try anal sex recently at a girls insistence. For years I avoided it as I heard so many negative things about it and if i’m honest I assumed it must be over-rated. I was wrong and the experience was amazing. If this is a lifestyle then you can sign me up!

Thanks for sharing! A lot of people, men especially, avoid trying it or say that it’s overrated and that nothing could compare to pussy, but those people generally either haven’t tried it or have only done it a few times or with a partner who doesn’t enjoy it much or know what she’s doing. Doing it with a partner who wants it, enjoys it, and is experienced can make a huge difference and it sounds like you had a fantastic first experience with anal that will bring you back for lots more going forward.

It is a lifestyle, and it continues to grow all the time, with more and more people both discovering anal and falling in love with it, and also realizing they greatly prefer it to vaginal and choosing to go all in on anal only. It’s a great thing.

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