Message: Love The Idea of Anal Only April

Anonymous: I love this idea of Anal Only April! My wife and I have been doing anal since before we were married and it’s been a really regular stable that we both love more than vaginal, but though we’ve gone without vaginal for a while before it hasn’t really been deliberate. We talked about it last night and we decided we’re going to try Anal Only April and then probably keep going after too. We both really like the idea of choosing to be anal only and stop using her pussy.

I think a lot of anal only couples start out through a natural process of preferring anal and shifting towards primarily doing it, before realizing that it’s how they want to be and choosing deliberately to be anal only, and that can be a really effective way of establishing a strong, lasting anal only relationship, because of that sort of natural evolution that made it obvious to the both of you that being anal only is what’s best.

I think you’re going to have a really fun month and I’m sure you’ll want to stay anal only indefinitely now that you’re consciously considering that you prefer it that way.

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