Message: I Never Thought I’d Like Having My Ass Plugged This Much

Anonymous: I got myself a couple of plugs & tried them out, & HOLY SHIT, I never thought I’d like having my ass plugged this much! My boyfriend put the smaller one in my ass while he fucked me a few days ago, he fucked me in the ass for the 1st time last night (had to end it halfway through cuz I wasn’t super used to it & felt like I needed to use the bathroom) & when I drove him to the bus station last night I put in the larger of the two plugs & ? I was a dripping mess. Suggestions for things to try?

Yay! Isn’t it great?

I’d suggest continuing to use the plugs regularly, start putting them any time you masturbate or do anything non-anal to further develop that association between anal stimulation and other known pleasure sources, which will have the double benefit of making anal keep feeling better and better, and training your ass with the plug so anal sex keeps getting easier. Outside of masturbation, keep slowly pushing your limits with them, wearing one for as long as it’s comfortable to do so, then taking it out and trying again another day to go even longer. Keep repeating that process and you’ll keep getting increasingly comfortable with it and want more.

I’d also suggest continuing to try anal sex and other more active forms of anal masturbation more often. If it was only a bit uncomfortable and felt like you needed to go to the bathroom rather than outright being painful, you’re in a great place for your first time having anal, and with more practice you’ll be able to really enjoy it.

Hope that gives you some ideas. Feel free to update or ask any other questions you might have.

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