Masturbation when Anal Only

Anonymous: Hi. I’m a girl and I love anal. Your blog has made me want to do it more and more. You’ve made my boyfriend very happy. I wanted to ask you about how you assturbate when you’re anal only. Am sure it’s different every time, so, maybe the next time you masturbate, you can let us in on what you do. In as much details as possible? Thank you

ilikeitintheass: Happy to oblige. Congrats on having more anal in your life.

My assturbation today was pretty epic. So you get a peak into the kind of session I don’t experience often. I started with my biggest anal plug. Without any preparation, just some lube covering the plug, I stared to push it into my ass. One push, second push, and it was in by the third. It’s usually not that easy. I wore it for about an hour browsing and then I pulled the plug out and finger fucked my ass. Starting with two, ending with all five in to the knuckles. Again, my ass doesn’t usually open up this much this fast. It’s an incredible experience. Since I can’t really cum when I finger fuck my ass, I grabbed my dildo and fucked myself with it until I came. The whole thing took about 2 hours. No squirting this time, hopefully tonight though

I think am well prepped for getting my ass drilled tonight

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