What’s next for the Anal Only Lifestyle in 2018?

Happy new year to everyone in the anal only community!

A new year is an excellent time for reflection, reprioritization, and making & adjusting plans for the future, and in the past few days I’ve been thinking about where the anal only lifestyle community should go from here to best benefit everyone and grow the lifestyle further.

Here are some of my ideas that I’ll be working on and implementing in the near future. There are other plans in the works as well that I won’t be mentioning just yet, but stay tuned. I also am always open to feedback, critique and suggestions.

In the early days of the Anal Only Lifestyle blog, I often wrote more original articles on the subject of anal sex and anal only. This is something I intend to start doing again to provide an ongoing flow of deeper reading and discussion on the subject, and to have resources for those interested to refer to. Some of you have already sent in suggestions for topics, but I welcome more ideas at any time.

More anal only challenges have been requested. Traditionally, we’ve had Anal Only August and No Pussy November each year. The problem is, these are rather close together and somewhat redundant as a result. Going forward, I’m going to promote Anal Only April instead of August, to space things out and balance with No Pussy November later in the year. Those two events will be the primary general AO months to encourage people new to the anal only lifestyle to participate and try it for themselves. As always, people who are already AO can participate as well with more specific personal challenges. Beyond that, though, there will also be other occasional challenges that anyone can participate in, relating to but not necessarily always specific to anal only: clitoral denial, anal edging, long term butt plug wear, anal orgasm training, etc.

A Frequently Asked Questions page for anal sex and the anal only lifestyle has been often requested, and it’s time such a thing existed. Expect a separate announcement for this in the near future, with a page outlining the basics of how to enjoy anal sex properly, as well as the basics of anal only.

And finally, I have lots of ideas in the works for continuing to grow and expand the anal only community—the forum, the chat, and more. These are constantly evolving and growing, so please keep checking back in if it’s been a while!

Here’s to another great year!

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