2017 Anal Only Lifestyle Roundup

With 2017 nearly over and done for most of us, it’s time to reflect on what this year brought for the Anal Only Lifestyle and its community. In some regards it was a quieter year than others, in others it was very active and a giant leap forward.

The number of people talking about anal only online continues to grow, both on and off Tumblr, and that’s always a wonderful thing. Whether just discussing the idea, talking about one’s own interest in trying anal only, or documenting personal experiences, it all helps increase exposure and further normalize the idea of anal sex and of people preferring anal. The goal isn’t to force everyone to be anal only, but to level the playing field and get to where an anal only lifestyle is seen as one of multiple normal and legitimate choices for people, as well as to encourage more people to experiment with anal only and see if it’s something they enjoy, rather than simply saying “oh, I could never do that” and never even trying it.

Along those lines, the the number of people talking openly about enjoying anal sex in general, and the increased availability of good information about anal pleasure and proper technique continues to encourage more people to explore anal and discover how amazing it actually is. This can only ever be an excellent thing, and as time progresses more and more people will try anal for themselves and see why it’s so beloved.

Our anal only challenge months this year (Anal Only August and No Pussy November) were active but a bit more publicly quiet than in past years, especially in terms of other people posting and sharing their progress on Tumblr. I suspect part of this is due to changes to Tumblr that made this blog (and most other adult oriented blogs) hidden from the rest of the web and all external search engines, preventing a lot of non-Tumblr users from accessing or interacting with it without creating a Tumblr account and following it, as well as preventing discovery for new people outside of Tumblr. There may have been other factors as well, and I hope in the future to further grow these annual events into the more widespread periods of experimentation and celebration they should be.

The community has grown significantly this year, and this is probably our biggest and most positive change. In 2016, we started expanding to kik and then IRC to provide a realtime chat environment for people interested in anal and the anal only lifestyle to interact with each other in a faster-paced, more ephemeral environment. Our forum is a fantastic resource, but a bit more formal than a chat platform. Unfortunately, technical limitations made community growth difficult with both kik and IRC, so in mid-2017 we made the transition to an Anal Only Lifestyle Discord server, which is easy to use for just about anyone, and which has really taken off since then. We’ve got channels for general discussion, advice, porn sharing, personal nudes sharing, and more (with even more coming in the future!). If you aren’t there yet, stop by, read the rules, and say hi—there’s always plenty of room for more!

So what’s next for 2018? Well, first, I’d like to hear from all of you. What would you like to see the anal only lifestyle community become? Share your ideas, and stay tuned for a post in the next few days with some of my own ideas going forward.

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