Message: Anal Only Anniversary

I introduced my wife to anal within the first year of our marriage. She liked it immediately but we used her ass only occasionally for 25 years, usually at her request, during vaginal sex.

About a year ago I decided to go anal only because I realized it excites me seeing a woman fully engaged in love making with an abandoned empty pussy. After a couple of months of anal only she complained, saying that anal should be done in combination with vaginal sex. She said she needed to feel like a “woman”. I didn’t want an argument, so a few days later I penetrated her unused vagina. She was in anguish and wouldn’t let me finish, complaining about pain for several days thereafter.

Now, when I am displeased with her I threaten to fuck her pussy again. She always straightens up and obeys me to make certain I don’t fulfill that threat.

She seldom used to climax from vaginal sex, but she has multiple orgasms from her ass fucking, every time. We have talked about never touching her vagina again but, her traditional upbringing makes her reluctant to agree to 100% abandonment of her vagina forever even though she admits there’s no particular reason to use it.

Bottom line [pun intended]? It’s my call. If I never ever touch her pussy again I have a willing wife who will take my sperm in her colon every day for the rest of our lives.

I can’t complain.

Thanks for sharing! Do you think she would have been interested in going anal only earlier in your relationship, given that she was often the one who initiated anal? Or was it your initiative that got her to transition towards being more anal centric?

It’s not uncommon for a woman to both feel a desire or urge to return to vaginal penetration after some time being anal only—and to then hate it when she tries it for a variety of reasons, either pain and discomfort from the relative lack of use, or just a dull lack of pleasure after months of far more intense anal sex. The vagina has a hard time standing up to comparison after focusing on purely anal pleasure.

If she has issues giving up all vaginal/clitoral stimulation even though she will freely admit it’s unnecessary for her, just work on getting there gradually. Keep focusing on pure anal pleasure, work with her to avoid her pussy more and more, and she’ll find herself wanting it less over time. No need to do it abruptly, and a gradual process will often strengthen her desire to avoid using it.

Glad to hear that it sounds like you’re both very much on board with being anal only for good and having a good time!

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