Message: What Makes Anal More Suitable For Sex?

buttsnboobsntitfucks: Thanks for the fascinating and informative Tumblr. As a massive anal fan myself (but only occasional indulger, unfortunately), what is it about anal to you that makes it more suitable than the vagina for making love? I personally enjoy both, but due to my obsession with the female ass, would love to enter an anal only relationship one day. I am curious as to what makes you tick as far as why anal wins. Thank you 🙂

It’s always been a natural preference for me, I’ve been more attracted to a woman’s ass for as long as I can remember. After trying both, I much preferred everything about anal as well.

Aesthetically, I think it’s a lot sexier and inviting. Physically, I think it feels better and allows for deeper penetration. You can cum inside it all you like without any concern about pregnancy. It’s a more intimate form of sex. It requires more effort at first but then the reward is so much higher, so it’s a slightly more elite form of sex—anyone can use their pussy and it doesn’t really mean anything, but being anal only takes more commitment. It’s sex and pleasure and intimacy without any procreative baggage. It gives women far more intense orgasms and pleasure than vaginal can. For a woman, it’s taking control of one’s body and saying “no, even though biologically my vagina might be intended for sex, I choose what feels better and reject my vagina”.

You might want to also read a classic post on this blog, The Many Roads Leading to the Anal Only Lifestyle, which discusses some of the many different reasons people find anal only so appealing.

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