Message: Started Playing With My Asshole, Felt Amazing

Anonymous: Hello, so yesterday I decided to start playing with my asshole a little bit to see how it feels like, first it was just rubbing the whole then inserted the tip only. Today I tried to insert my toothbrush and it felt so amazing that I think I might turn to an anal slut. Do you have any tips or instructions to Follow for this process ?

Good for you, taking the initiative to pursue your own greater pleasure through your ass, and wanting to become an anal slut as a natural result of that. It’s no surprise, once you experience the greater pleasure your ass can provide, there’s no turning away from it.

Stop all vaginal masturbation/fingering and replace it with anal. Stop playing with your clit, for now at least, as well. Instead, masturbate anally only and try to orgasm with just your ass. If you find that you aren’t able to after a few days, you can add your clit back in as well, but only when there is something in your ass, and only the minimum needed to supplement your ass and push you over the edge to orgasm. Better to pursue the far greater pleasure of pure anal orgasms, though.

Start with small anal insertions, like your finger, your toothbrush, a hairbrush handle, etc. Slowly work up to larger things. Eventually use a natural size dildo. Get yourself some butt plugs to use as well both to help relax and train your ass, and to keep your ass full and your thoughts and focus on your ass and the resulting arousal that comes from having it filled.

Stick with it, and you’ll be anal only in no time.

The original poster followed up:

So I continued my anal training today and as I was doing some chores by the afternoon, I felt like my asshole had a pulse and it’s like it was throbing, so I remembered my anal training again and got aroused just by thinkin abt it

It sounds like you’re a natural for anal only, and once you awoke your asshole, it’s come alive and is demanding more. Give it attention all the time, stop using your cunt and clit, and it will repay you with endless pleasure.

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