Message: Felt Like I Needed To Go To Toilet During Anal

Anonymous: So a few days ago me and my boyfriend tried to have anal. I was really excited to try it and when we tried, it felt so horrible. But i dont mean the pain. I actually mean the feeling. It felt like i have to go to the toilet really badly, so i couldn’t enjoy. So we stopped and i went to the bathroom, but the feeling was gone. I didn’t have to go to the toilet. Is this normal? Or what can i do? (Excuse for my english, it isnt that much good)

This happens to some people at first. If you don’t have any previous anal experience, all your other experience with sensations in that area is going to the bathroom, so it can make sense that your initial experiences with anal sex may feel like you have that urge.

To overcome this, try masturbating anally while also playing with your clit in whatever way you find most pleasurable. Combine those sensations and explore what is most enjoyable. Try to give yourself orgasms while simultaneously playing with your ass. With a little more experience, you should be able to unlock anal pleasure and enjoy it rather than having it be uncomfortable. When you do try sex again, play with your clit during that as well, at least at first. Sometimes once you start building that association with pleasure, you may not need your clit anymore—other times, you might want to continue combining it with anal. It’s a matter of personal preference and differences.

Also, make sure you’re using enough lube—not enough lube can cause a similar feeling sometimes.

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