How to fight against climate change with sex

the-pleasure-of-modern-sex: Overpopulation in the world is a fact. It causes climate change and therefore it is devastating to us people and all the organisms on earth.

Each of us can prevent this event from being sexually motivated, The best solution is to move only to anal and mouth sex.

Anal is a new vagina, because it can be enjoyed by both sexes, as well as all gender minorities.

It is in itself absurd that some think that anal sex is a taboo, against this thinking we Have to work and give the right anal sex education.

No sex form is 100% hygienic, or painless at first. But doing anal sex is 100% more enjoyable than traditional vaginal sex, and
Just as well done it is a 100% pregnancy prevention form.

Save the world go anal only ❤??

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One response to “How to fight against climate change with sex”

  1. Eirini says:

    That’s why anal masturbation must be taught early, it has to be a very normal activity at early age for maximum potential in anal sex. Ass should be taught as pleasure fun hole and pussy the bonus hole. The earlier this is been taught the better.

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