Forum: Did Coronavirus Affect Your Anal Sex Life?

Without a doubt Corona is a catastrophe for the whole world with a vast social impact for nearly one year now.

There are restrictions in meeting new people. Couples and families are put together in homeoffice and distance learning.

Did it affect your analsex life, or rather your anal only lifestyle?
How do you manage this?

analogue, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

Several responses:

Working from home gave me the opportunity to increase my plugging, which helped increase anal opportunities. At least a silver lining to the pandemic.

Pluggedkitty, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

I don’t live with my partners, so I haven’t had sex in months. If I lived with a partner, I probably would have more sex, it’s a good stress reliever.

Samy, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

The pandemic made it possible for us to return to the anal life. I can say with certainty that the pandemic has made us AO again.

BBS, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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