Message: Meeting Men as an Anal Only Woman

Anonymous: AO female – where can I meet men?

Meet men like you would any other way, and as you get to know them enough that sex comes up as a topic of conversation, tell them that you’re an anal only woman and not interested in vaginal sex at all. Go into that expecting that not all men will be interested, but that some will. Don’t open with it, necessarily, but bring it up early enough that if he isn’t interested, you don’t waste too much time getting to that point and can move on to the next guy.

You can also try Fetlife or having a personal AO blog on Tumblr, as a woman both can be a way to find guys with similar interests.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

Anonymous: For the anon who asked about meeting men, there are many of us who are totally into anal only. There are no pregnancy worries. To me it seems even more intimate. Giving a woman an orgasm through anal is a rewarding experience. So yes, we are here!

Indeed, there are many men and women both out there who either are, want to be, or like the idea of being anal only. The challenge is just finding and meeting those people.

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