Message: Vaginal Painful After Monopause, Want Anal Only

Anonymous: I want an Anal Only lifestyle. After menopause vaginal sex is too painful.How do I meet an Anal only man? How do I bring it up when I meet a new potential boyfriend? I have had anal sex before any I always enjoyed it more than vaginal sex but I have never had an Anal Only partner.

You can try being up front and honest about it the first time you have sex with a new partner and say that you only want anal sex because vaginal is very painful for you and you enjoy anal far more, and see where things go from there. You can do much the same but be more flirtatious about it at first, wearing a butt plug to serve as a visual illustration of what you want and an introduction to the idea. Or you can try to meet like-minded men on places like Fetlife where there are many people openly interested in being in an anal only relationship.

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