Message: Anal Only Dating Sites?

Anonymous: Do you know of any dating sites that either specialize in anal, or at least have a box you could check off that shows your interest in anal?

Not really, no. Fetlife lets you show your sexual fetishes/kinks but isn’t explicitly a dating site and many of its communities frown on personal ads. OKCupid has questions relating to anal sex which you can answer and which will affect your overall compatibility score with others, but with many other questions answered as well it won’t give you a guaranteed anal compatibility unless both you and that person has chosen to answer those questions publicly and you can go in manually and see how they answer.

Unfortunately, so far, there isn’t a good system in place for finding sexually compatible partners other than meeting someone you like and figuring out what works for the two of you. It won’t always work out to everyone’s satisfaction. I doubt that an anal-specific dating site would either, because it would predominantly be filled with men (even if a lot of women do legitimately like anal) and thus would cause the negative factors of existing general purpose dating sites to multiply—where women get spammed with overwhelming numbers of messages, most of which don’t appeal to them, and men in turn rarely hear back from women they contact, something which is generally neither’s fault but a fault of the system that no one has really figured out a solution for yet.

Believe me, I wish as much as anyone that there was a good way to meet sexually compatible people outside of tumblr (not that there’s anything at all wrong with people on tumblr! they just tend to not live anywhere near me), but I’ve not found one yet.

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