Anal Only Lifestyle Appeals

maybe-baby-bimbo: I met up with my ex recently and we obviously had sex. His cock felt absolutely amazing, but I was unable to go for more than a few minutes at a time as my cunt is so sensitive it borders on painful. Before we had sex he was playing with my cunt and slipped a few fingers in there and a few in my ass, this usually makes me cum. On the phone the other day we were reminiscing about that night and he told me that he had FOUR fingers in my ass. This immediately made my cunt drip, how erotic. Not just a finger or two, four fingers. I loved the thought of my cunt being tighter than my ass and hardly used, and my ass being accomodating and available at all times. I’ve played with the idea of anal-only lifestyle for some time but it really does appeal. I’d never give up my clit though, clit and anal stimulation in tandem is my absolute cum-in-5-seconds kryptonite.

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