Message: Never Got What All the Fuss Was About Vaginas

Anonymous: I’m a straight male but for me a pussy is just…meh. A nice ass and a nice round anus on the other hand, is super hot. Much better to feel, finger, lick or fuck. Honestly, I never got what all the fuss was about vaginas when there is something so much better just next to it. This is why I always ask for anal from a girl if I can get it and I’ve learned that once you get started they usually enjoy it. I think it’s strange how most of the world still carries on with plain vanilla PIV. Do you?

Agreed completely. I personally am not turned off by how a pussy looks… I just don’t want to fuck them. I like the look of an unfucked pussy and a well-fucked ass. An asshole both looks and feels (much) better when fucking, and I find myself completely turned off by the idea of vaginal sex these days simply because I know there’s something so much better right next to it. It always bothers me when people say “why would anyone want to have anal sex when there’s a better hole that nature intended beside”, because for us the complete opposite is true.

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