Message: Making Enemas Sexier

Anonymous: As a female going anal only, I was wondering about enemas. I bought a bulb and will be using that. Is there anything to make an enema sexier? Or just accept it’s part of the lifestyle?

Congratulations on going anal only, first! That’s always a great decision.

Not everyone finds enemas/douching to be necessary, and many people primarily control cleanliness through simple dietary control (a low-fat, low-sugar balanced diet with a healthy amount of fiber does wonders for natural cleanliness) and getting to know their daily digestive routine to know the best times of day to have sex.

For those who do or who want to make extra sure, a small douching is all that you really need, just enough warm water to flush out the rectum without going deeper, repeated a couple times. Done after going to the bathroom each day, you rarely need more, and it can just take a few minutes. So in that sense, it can just be a quick, easy and routine part of the lifestyle. Some see it as another form of warmup, getting clean and starting to relax before play/sex.

There are those who really enjoy enemas as a form of sexual play in and of itself, but that usually involves longer and deeper enemas, which get into cleaning out the colon well beyond the rectum, and aren’t generally as good to do quite as often as it can disrupt the natural balance of the intestinal flora, whereas a simple rectal flush doesn’t do that.

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