Message: How to Make Anal Not Disgusting

Anonymous: Hey there! Im pretty new to this whole thing and I would like to know if it hurts (first time) Also is there going to be shit on my dick or something cuz thats kind of gross. But i would love to try Anal but find a way to make it fun and not disgusting 😛

The anus is a very sensitive area with muscles that are naturally quite tight when in their relaxed state. If you just try to shove it in, then yeah, it would cause pain to the recipient. In addition to using lubricant, you have to warm up and relax the anal muscles by opening it up gradually—start small, with something like a single finger, and slowly increase the size, two fingers, then three, etc., until ready for the size of your penis. Use of toys like butt plugs and dildos can also be useful when preparing for anal sex.

As for cleanliness, you should first accept that if you’re going to be playing with anal sex, encountering a bit of fecal matter from time to time can happen. Accept that, don’t make a big deal out of it or shame your partner for it, and move on. But that can be mitigated through multiple means—a balanced diet with a healthy amount of dietary fiber, going to the bathroom an hour or so before having sex, and if so inclined, using a small enema/douche to just lightly flush out the rectum prior to sex.

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