Message: An Anal Awakening

Hey love! I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I absolutely ADORE your blog. I was married to my husband in 2013 and anal was never something we really discussed, until nearly two years into our marriage. At this point, I had brought up to him that I may be interested in trying some things involved with my ass, but no penetration. Several things led to another and penetration did in fact occur, but that is not the point lol.

I was raised in a devout Roman Catholic household and, for a very long time, held the values associated with that upbringing very close and very dear to my heart. Anal sex, to me, used to entail total blasphemy, sins beyond comprehension, and all the rest. This religion no longer plays a part in my life and I have grown substantially from that way of thinking and cherish anal sex as an implement by which I can utilize to vastly refine my sex life with these new, and admittedly much more satisfying, experiences. In my newfangled delve into the anal only lifestyle, the many articles and information available via your blog has been invaluable in, not only reassuring my fears and insecurities, but going further to better equip me with the knowledge to succeed on the highest possible level.

In closing, I would like to reiterate my most sincere thanks for making all that you have here available for those who seek it.

Best to you and yours!

Thank you! I’m glad you’ve found it helpful.

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