Message: Struggling With Anal Only Preference

I’m a straight male in my thirties and I am really happy that this blog, and such communities, exist. For some reasons I never truly understand myself, I’ve always considered anal sex to be superior. Even before having sex with my first girlfriend, I was already fascinated by anal sex, to the point that the very first time I had sex in my life, I fucked her ass after only 2 minutes of vaginal penetration. Then, I had sex with many ladies and discovered that, as time passed, I was more and more into anal. I only watch anal only porn (which is not easy to find), because I find that even 10 seconds of vaginal penetration during a porn video ruins it for me.

5 years ago, I met a girl who was willing to discover new things with me (anal, domination, orgies, …). Our intercourses focused more and more on anal until the day I decided to abandon her vagina. That was the best sex experience of my life. After this relationship ended, I had issues getting back to ‘regular’-old-fashioned-boring sex. And I felt somehow guilty when my next girlfriends blamed me for preferring anal. Even if they were okay to do anal from time to time, they considered it really offensive that I preferred their asses. So I tried to deny this obsession I have for anal sex, because I wanted to keep their love and make them happy. But soon, after 1 or 2 years of relationship, I usually am not attracted by my girlfriends anymore, so sex becomes rare, and I think this is due to lack of anal intercourse, because I can’t express myself truly, and I don’t feel really connected during sex.

That is what anal sex provides me: a kind of enhanced intimacy, a stronger connection, a better way to express feelings…

I also tried not to watch porn anymore, or not to masturbate anymore, for 1 or 2 weeks, to rise the need of having sex, regardless of what I can get out of it. But this feels very frustrating. Sex should be fun, and not yet another plague in life.

I’m glad this blog exist because I was beginning to think I have a problem with anal. And now, either I discover it’s not a problem, but just a taste, or we all have a problem here (which might be the case, actually, but never mind, anal is too good to give up on it). So please, keep on spreading the word and evangelize anal, because I’m starting to think I’ll never again find a girl who enjoys anal and much as it deeply count for me.

It’s not a problem to prefer anal, it’s just a preference. There are men and women both who prefer it. It can just be a challenge to find others who share that same preference, and that process can indeed be hard—especially if people get offended or condemn your preference as something bad, which can lead to self-doubt and self-loathing feelings, as if something is wrong with you. But it’s not. You just have incompatible sexual preferences with those people.

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