Message: Wife Loves Anal But Not Receptive to Anal Only

Anonymous: I prefer anal and would be perfectly fine with being anal only. The wife loves both with vaginal taking the lead slightly. Through practice we’ve increased anal from once a month to 4x+, we do it especially when she’s on her period. I’m trying to get her to go all the way, but she’s not receptive. Any suggestions?

If she enjoys both and doesn’t want to give up vaginal, don’t push her to do so. You can try and see if she’d ever be open to a few weeks or a month of anal only just to try it out, but if not, don’t push it further.

Instead, focus on making sure she really enjoys the times that you do have anal sex. Express your appreciation for her ass and make her feel really sexy and desired when you have anal. Essentially, do the best you can to make anal fantastic for her and over time she may gradually want to start doing it more.

Most couples who end up anal only don’t just suddenly get there—anal only trial months can be a fantastic way to introduce someone to the idea if both partners are willing to try it, and sometimes it’s so much fun that they decide to keep going from there, but far more commonly, it’s a gradual approach over time with anal becoming more of a priority long term until they either naturally or consciously end up eliminating the vaginal. And not everyone gets there either, some people really value vaginal as well as anal. But focusing on her anal pleasure and trying to make it really fantastic for her every time won’t hurt anybody and she’ll appreciate it regardless of whether she ends up preferring anal over vaginal or wanting it exclusively.

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