Message: Albolene as Lubricant

Anonymous: You mentioned using albolene as a lubricant. I had never even heard of it before. I have looked in to it and have one question. Is it ok to use with toys? Will it damage or degrade them in any way?

I believe @slutprogrammer mentioned that in a response to a post of mine. Perhaps he can chime in with more information about Albolene.

It’s likely fine with silicone, glass and steel—I don’t know about other, cheaper types of common sex toy materials.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received this reply:

slutprogrammer: Happy to chime in! It’s not good with latex or jelly, but I’d say both of those materials kinda suck anyway. It’s not supposed to be good with rubber, but in my experience it’s ok if you wash it afterward. Over a looooong time it can harden up, but I think we both know you’ll get other toys by then. My favorite material is “PF blend” by Perfect Fit. It is a silicone blend with thermoplastic elastomer. Much like rubber, it’s not officially ok for petroleum lube, but practically speaking it’s not terrible if you wash it well.

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