Message: What Makes You Prefer Anal Over Vaginal Sex?

Anonymous: What makes you prefer anal over vaginal sex?

I’m sure I’ve posted an answer to this multiple times before, but here goes again.

I’ve always had a natural, innate attraction to a woman’s ass and anus over her vagina. It isn’t that I find vaginas gross or repulsive—I think they can be quite visually appealing, I just don’t want to have sex with them. My natural inclination is and always has been to fuck a woman in the ass. I didn’t have anal sex first—however, once I tried it and it was as good as I expected, I was hooked and always preferred it since. I wasn’t anal only for quite some time, though.

Anal sex is often tighter, but it’s so much more than just that. The physical sensation of anal sex is different, and feels far better, and it’s also a lot more responsive and can clench and twitch around you in different ways. When a woman cums while you’re inside her ass you can really feel it intensely, and conversely she can feel it better when you cum inside her.

It’s much more intimate, satisfying, rewarding, and it just feels natural and right. Looking down and seeing your cock in her ass, the combined visuals and sensations are something primally satisfying and good.

You can cum deep inside her ass all you want and she won’t get pregnant, without the assistance of anything else, and it feels better and more deeply correct to do so than anywhere else.

Done correctly, anal is more pleasurable than any other form of sex for women as well, and her orgasms can be incredible, far beyond anything pussy or clit can do. Pure anal orgasms also tend—at least for some women—to not have as much of an emotional and arousal crash afterwards.

So all that, and more, is why. I don’t waste time with vaginal sex anymore, when anal can be so much better in so many ways.

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