Inspired By NPNWife, My Wife Agrees to Try Anal Only

xqm43: My delightfully kinky and submissive wife amazed me today, with her willing embrace of anal only this morning. Maybe not for a full month, but read on.

Some background: some couples are into orgasm denial for her. I am just the opposite. I insist, I require, I demand that she give me all the orgasms she can. I call her my cum slut to her face. I warm her up by telling her humiliating fantasies of her being exposed as a wanton cum slut in public, of being watched and then taken by many men. When I start caressing her full breasts and sucking on her hard nipples, she starts to cum. Yes, just from an arousing fantasy and having her tits sucked.

NPNWife’s postings have been inspiring. I have been fantasizing using just my wife’s ass for some weeks now. She enjoys anal occasionally after being thoroughly satisfied in her pussy. It is very intense for her. But it hurts afterward so it is usually a rare gift to me from her. This morning I told her it was No Pussy November and that I planned to only use her ass today. I didn’t ask permission, just told her. She laughed and asked where I had heard about NPN. I said on a kinky blog I read. She said, “Sounds good.” Wow! No, “Maybe. I’ll think about it.” Just agreement. I love my wife.

She had already cum some from the tit sucking, so I moved up to her mouth and said, “Suck me, bitch,” and put my cock in her mouth. I then grabbed the lube, put it on my fingers, and reached down below her pussy to her tight ass, and rubbed my well-lubed fingers across her hole until she came again. I called her a “Good girl” and said how much I love it when she cums on my cock with her mouth like that.

Then I moved down between her legs and started to lube her ass with more lube and two fingers. I told her I was completely ignoring her pussy, and she smiled. I told her I was stretching her open so I could force my cock deep in her forbidden passage and she came and came. I told her my favorite position was her on her side, and had her roll over. When she is on her back with her legs in the air, she can resist my fucking her ass by pushing back on me. With her on her side, and me kneeling behind her, she is about as unable to resist as you can imagine. I lubed her up with my thumb this time, reaching as far up inside her as I could force it, and she came again. She begged me to fuck her ass. Who was I to say no?

I slid into her, gave her a minute to adjust, and then started taking her. I reminded her that I was completely ignoring her pussy and just pleasuring myself with her forbidden passage and she came again. I called her a wanton anal slut, and she said, “Yes, I am!” She encouraged me to fuck her as deep as I could. I told her I was getting ready to cum and that I was going to squirt my cum deep inside her. She came hard, and that sent me over the edge, the most intense orgasm either of us have had in weeks.

Afterward she asked about the name No Pussy November. I told her the name was for the alliteration, and that it had recently been Anal-Only August. She laughed and started to make up names: Just Anal January, Fuck Ass February, etc. She said, “I’m glad we’re near the end of the month.” As if agreeing that she wanted to participate even though I had not asked her.

I have been amazed by how open, how turned on she was to pussy denial today. Men, treat your wives to your fantasies. Use your mind and your words to turn her on completely, and let her know your fantasies and how you want her to fulfill them. Young, single women are pursued and desired. Old, married women deserve the same from us. Chase her around the bed and let her be your all-in-all to you.

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