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A series of posts from a woman who went anal only with her husband for No Pussy November 2016, which coincided with their anniversary, and ultimately decided to remain anal only long-term.

Message: No Pussy November Wife, Part 8

NPNWife: Been awhile since I checked in! We decided to continue going anal only for the rest of 2016. And after having a couple really deep, intense conversations about it, we decided to make our New Years Resolution to be 100% anal only—no vaginal anything, no clit touching, no orgasms for me unless I can have them anally—for all of 2017. My husband was in my ass when the ball dropped and he’s been in me 3 times since. It feels liberating giving up my pussy/clit for him this way.

Congratulations, sounds like an excellent choice for the both of you. A few months ago when you were just going to do anal for the first time as your anniversary gift to your husband, could you have imagined that this is where you’d be now?

Inspired By NPNWife, My Wife Agrees to Try Anal Only

xqm43: My delightfully kinky and submissive wife amazed me today, with her willing embrace of anal only this morning. Maybe not for a full month, but read on.

Some background: some couples are into orgasm denial for her. I am just the opposite. I insist, I require, I demand that she give me all the orgasms she can. I call her my cum slut to her face. I warm her up by telling her humiliating fantasies of her being exposed as a wanton cum slut in public, of being watched and then taken by many men. When I start caressing her full breasts and sucking on her hard nipples, she starts to cum. Yes, just from an arousing fantasy and having her tits sucked.

NPNWife’s postings have been inspiring. I have been fantasizing using just my wife’s ass for some weeks now. She enjoys anal occasionally after being thoroughly satisfied in her pussy. It is very intense for her. But it hurts afterward so it is usually a rare gift to me from her. This morning I told her it was No Pussy November and that I planned to only use her ass today. I didn’t ask permission, just told her. She laughed and asked where I had heard about NPN. I said on a kinky blog I read. She said, “Sounds good.” Wow! No, “Maybe. I’ll think about it.” Just agreement. I love my wife.

She had already cum some from the tit sucking, so I moved up to her mouth and said, “Suck me, bitch,” and put my cock in her mouth. I then grabbed the lube, put it on my fingers, and reached down below her pussy to her tight ass, and rubbed my well-lubed fingers across her hole until she came again. I called her a “Good girl” and said how much I love it when she cums on my cock with her mouth like that.

Then I moved down between her legs and started to lube her ass with more lube and two fingers. I told her I was completely ignoring her pussy, and she smiled. I told her I was stretching her open so I could force my cock deep in her forbidden passage and she came and came. I told her my favorite position was her on her side, and had her roll over. When she is on her back with her legs in the air, she can resist my fucking her ass by pushing back on me. With her on her side, and me kneeling behind her, she is about as unable to resist as you can imagine. I lubed her up with my thumb this time, reaching as far up inside her as I could force it, and she came again. She begged me to fuck her ass. Who was I to say no?

I slid into her, gave her a minute to adjust, and then started taking her. I reminded her that I was completely ignoring her pussy and just pleasuring myself with her forbidden passage and she came again. I called her a wanton anal slut, and she said, “Yes, I am!” She encouraged me to fuck her as deep as I could. I told her I was getting ready to cum and that I was going to squirt my cum deep inside her. She came hard, and that sent me over the edge, the most intense orgasm either of us have had in weeks.

Afterward she asked about the name No Pussy November. I told her the name was for the alliteration, and that it had recently been Anal-Only August. She laughed and started to make up names: Just Anal January, Fuck Ass February, etc. She said, “I’m glad we’re near the end of the month.” As if agreeing that she wanted to participate even though I had not asked her.

I have been amazed by how open, how turned on she was to pussy denial today. Men, treat your wives to your fantasies. Use your mind and your words to turn her on completely, and let her know your fantasies and how you want her to fulfill them. Young, single women are pursued and desired. Old, married women deserve the same from us. Chase her around the bed and let her be your all-in-all to you.

Message: No Pussy November Wife, Part 7

NPNWife: This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for trying new things! Like I said last time, closing my pussy really opened my mind. My husband and I have been talking about—and experimenting with—lots of other fantasies we’ve both had but never brought up. I mentioned going out with his friends last Sunday to watch the game. He showed more of my pics/videos there, while I was with them. Lots of questions and compliments. My pussy was visibly soaking through my pants. They joked about how I wouldn’t get any relief, which just made me wetter.

When we got home, I was beginning for my husband’s cock in my ass. When he was fucking me, he was asking how I liked showing the guys my videos, and I admitted how much it turned me on, obviously. He started talking about fucking my ass in front of them, so they could see in person how I gave up my cunt for him, and it trigged a huge anal orgasm for me. And I started begging him to do it, to show my ass off in front of them. After he came he asked if I was serious or if it was orgasm talk. I told him I wasn’t sure and asked how he felt. He got hard again talking about showing my ass to them in person, fingering me, fucking me, making me do ATM while they watched. And I took him back inside my ass and told him that this was his month, and if he was sure he wanted to do that, then he could. I admitted how NPN had me feeling so incredibly submissive to him, how I wanted to do anything to turn him on. This time he came inside me.

It hasn’t happened yet. But he’s been sending every video/picture he takes to his friend Charlie (who I mentioned previously). That’s his “safety” friend, that he trusts most. Yesterday, he made me text with Charlie while his dick was in my ass, asking him if he liked the videos, if he wanted to watch me get fucked in person, if he wanted to see my asshole spread open for my husband’s cock… it was so fucking hot. Anyway, only a couple days of November to go. Not sure what’ll happen next.

Message: No Pussy November Wife, Part 6

NPNWife: Found out yesterday that on Friday night out with his friends, my husband drunkenly revealed to them my insistence that we do No Pussy November. None of them had heard of it and didn’t believe him. So he showed them the posts here (and they’ll probably see this one and know for sure he was telling the truth). They didn’t believe they were from me, so he also showed them a video of me begging him to fuck my ass and ignore my pussy. I wasn’t mad, but I was mortified!

But he fucked me and kept telling me how hot it was to show them that video, to show them that I was his anal whore, that I loved being his anal slut so much that I begged him to give up my pussy, and that I was willing to give up having my own orgasms for him. He was telling me how hot the other guys found it, how they complained about their wives/gfs not doing anal, and how proud he was of me for giving my ass to him this way. He had me watch the video he showed them, on loop, while he fucked me. It was so hot, but I was still so embarrassed.

He told me even after that, they didn’t believe I did ATM, so he wanted to show them that too. So he took the phone and started to record himself in my ass, then recorded me taking his cock in my mouth. Then he put the phone in front of me and made me watch it while he went back to fucking me. I asked when he was going to show them. He told me to send it to his friend Chuck (Hi Chuck!) right then. And I started cumming, hard. I thought I was going to pass out, I was cumming so hard. I never felt anything like that orgasm. So I did. I sent it and said “[Hubby] told me you wanted to see this.”

Lots of messages came back about how sexy it was, how sexy I am, promises to not show anyone. But, in the moment, it was so fucking hot having him see. And knowing the rest of my husband’s friends would see it. And just knowing that I’d been outed. I never thought that kind of embarrassment would turn me on so much. Anyway, we’re hanging out with some of them at the bar this afternoon/evening. So I expect a lot of stares and a lot of questions. I’m nervous to be in front of a group that knows this about me, but at the same time, it’s a very sexy, exciting kind of nervous. Apparently, going anal only has really opened my mind about more sexual things. Last month, if my husband had shown his friends a video of him fucking me, I would have never left the house! Close your pussy, open your mind, I guess!

Sounds pretty hot, and a great way to help spread the word about the fun that can be had with anal only and No Pussy November! Maybe some of them will now go and want their wives and girlfriends to try the same thing. You’re spreading the joy of anal only to others!

And what a closing line!

Message: No Pussy November Wife, Part 5

NPNWife: So half the month is over and we’re still going strong! He’s been fucking my ass every morning when we wake up and then at some other point(s) during the day. We haven’t missed a day so far. I’m sore, but fuck is it worth it. I still have not touched my pussy/clit at all, and struggle not to accidentally cum when I’m showering.

We do ATM nearly every time, and 100% of the time when we’re in public. He especially loves it when his cock is dirty, and, oddly, so do I. Makes me feel like such a dirty slut for him. He loves making me walk around after having just licked his dirty cock clean and not allowing me to clean out my mouth. It’s so filthy, and such a turn on. I had no idea I would like this so much. I keep waiting for someone to notice my tongue is dirty, or my breath, and that anticipation of humiliation gets me so fucking wet that I just want to do it all over again.

He’s noticed how much more submissive I’ve been acting this month and has told me that he doesn’t want that to end. Neither do I. We’ve both been looking at all of the anal only and vaginal/clit/orgasm denial tumblrs together and have been really enjoying them and considering where we go from here. He’s finally stopped trying to touch my pussy and now really gets off telling me how much he loves ignoring it, how my pussy is worthless to him. This morning he was fucking me before work and told me that if he ever wants pussy again, he’ll get it from someone else, because mine was done, and I almost came just from him saying that, with his cock in my ass. I wasn’t sure if mentally I was ready for that yet, but fuck it was hot!

Now I’m sitting here, running the entire thing through my mind again and feeling my pussy ache for attention. On the one hand, I can’t wait until the end of the month. On the other, I almost don’t want to break the streak … to see how long we can actually go. Either way, I’ll keep you updated!

I’m glad to hear everything is still going so well for the two of you and that he’s gotten as into it as you are—or maybe even more so, especially if he’s ready to stop using your pussy for good and go fully anal only. As for your own excitement and reservations about what to do after November is over, I will say that it’s a common outcome for people who try No Pussy November, or a month of anal only in general, to want to keep going when the month is over and not break the streak, as you said. I think you should keep going and just stick with it and see how it goes. You don’t have to commit to anything specific, necessarily, just stay anal only and make it the norm, and see what happens.

Message: No Pussy November Wife, Part 4

NPNWife: Still going strong. Husband woke me this morning with his lubed cock pressing into my ass. I told him Saturday, at the party where he fucked my ass in our friends’ bathroom, twice, that he could take me however/whenever he wanted. I woke feeling the head of his cock pushing into me. He kept telling me how much he loves fucking my ass. I made him tell me how much better than my pussy it is. Hotter. Tighter. Feels so much better. Told me he was so glad to give up my pussy for my ass.

I’ve been showing him my favorite anal only and pussy abandonment tumblrs, so he knows what to do/say to really push my buttons. He had his cock buried inside of me, telling me that he never wants to go back to the way it was, that even after this month he won’t be fucking my pussy more than he fucks my ass. And how much he loved me avoiding my clit, like I was giving up my orgasms for him. Told him how much I loved not cumming for him, to focus on him and his pleasure this month.

And when he was about to cum, I begged him to pull out and fuck my mouth. The ATM really blows him away. I sucked him both times at the party. He made me lick his cock entirely clean the 2nd time. The naughtiness of doing that drove me insane. He made me go around the rest of the party without cleaning my mouth out. Every time I talked to someone I wondered if he could tell I had just tasted cock from my ass. I was literally dripping wet. My ass is sore, but I’m still loving this.

Sounds amazing, and should inspire any other couples still considering taking part in No Pussy November themselves to stop considering and start doing, lest they miss out on the sort of fun the two of you are having.

The way things are going so far, by the end of the month he might not want to go back to your pussy at all—and you might not either!

Message: No Pussy November Wife, Part 3

NPNWife here: Husband is in the shower. I just did ATM for the first time. I didn’t want to practice beforehand. I was worried I wouldn’t like it and would chicken out. Decided to just go for it. I didn’t tell him. Just told him to tell me when he was going to cum. I flipped around and sucked his cock straight into my throat. He screamed “holy fuck!” and started cumming almost immediately. The smell and taste, it was overwhelming. I can still taste my ass. I almost came from just how naughty it was. My pussy is sopping and my clit has been throbbing. But I’ve refused to touch and wouldn’t let him touch either. Total denial. I feel like I’m on fire all over. He asked what brought that on. I told him I wanted him to enjoy everything that had to do with anal this month. He asked if I would do ATM again. I told him for the rest of the month I would suck his dick straight from my ass whenever he wanted. “Even if it’s dirty?” I kissed the head of his cock and said yes, no matter what.

The anal only, orgasm denial, and vaginal abandonment blogs have been really helpful in helping me get into this. We’re only 4 days in, but I’m finding it incredibly hot. And I know he does to. We’re going to a party tomorrow and he told me he wants me to wear my plug with no panties and a dress and he wants to find a secluded spot at some point and fuck my ass at our friend’s house. So, wish us luck! And if anyone has any other ideas on things to do, I’d love to hear them.

I’m so glad to hear it went and is continuing to go amazingly well and that you’re so turned on by being anal only and going ass to mouth. That’s something that’s really great about No Pussy November, I think, it attracts people for a variety of reasons but ultimately turns on all sorts of people who may not have otherwise even considered the pleasures and benefits of going anal only and yet often find that they really love it by the end of the month.

Good luck and keep enjoying the amazing fun you’re having together.

Message: No Pussy November Wife, Part 2

Me Again. No Pussy November Wife (NPNW?): Will keep you updated, absolutely! He was thrilled on our anniversary night. I was wearing his favorite lingerie when he came home. Immediately started sucking his dick. Asked him if he ever heard of No Pussy November? He asked “Oh, does that mean I only get blowjobs for a month? I can dig that.” Said “Not exactly” and bent over to show him I was wearing a plug. He said “Holy shit, seriously? You’re going to let me fuck your ass?”

I said “Happy Anniversary”. I was all ready for him. He went right for it. Different than my toys, but oh god, hurt but was amazing. He started slow but got overwhelmed I think and started fucking me really hard. His hand went for my pussy, and I said “No, No pussy November. No pussy at all. Just my ass, for you, all month.” … He said “All month?” At this point, I was dripping wet. And I said “Every single day. Fuck my ass whenever you want it. I’ll keep it ready for you.”

He fucked my ass 3 times that first night. I was sooooo sore after. But the following morning, I woke him up with a blow job and took him right in my ass again to show him I was serious. He went for my clit again, out of habit I guess, and I reminded him no. But my pussy was leaking all over him while I rode him with my ass. When he went to work, I spent all day looking at your tumblr and other anal only tumblrs. Tonight, I’m going to surprise him again. I’m psyching myself up to do ATM.

What an incredible surprise and gift for him, and for you too! Does he know yet that you spent 6 months training your ass for him? He must feel on top of the world, knowing he gets to fuck your ass every day whenever he wants and doesn’t need to fuck your pussy or play with your clit. Adding ass to mouth into the mix is going to be a lot of fun, too—you can always practice with your finger or a dildo first if you haven’t already, to get more comfortable with the idea.

How has it been for you so far? It sounds like you’ve been really enjoying it too, and your pussy sure seems to have gotten really turned on by being denied—pretty common, actually. Even if you’re sore at first from the sudden ramping up of anal, the more you do it the easier it will get to do without getting as sore, of course.

It’s going to be a fantastic month of celebration for the both of you!

Message: No Pussy November Wife

Anonymous: Nov 1st was our 10 yr anniversary. He’s begged me for anal our entire marriage and I never allowed it. I’ve spent the last 6 months training my ass to finally give it to him on our 10th. A couple days before that, I saw someone post the “No Pussy November” picture. My heart stopped. I upgraded my gift. An entire month of anal, every day, with him never needing to touch my pussy/clit. It has me *shockingly* wet non-stop. So, I guess I just wanted to share that!

Thanks so much for sharing! He sounds like a very lucky man, and it’s wonderful that you not only trained your ass for so long, but then decided to participate in No Pussy November for his anniversary gift. I’m sure he’s thrilled that you’d do this for him and that he can finally get what he’s craved all those years—and it sounds like you’re enjoying it a lot too!

I know I’d love to hear more, and I’m sure others would as well, so please feel free to update us as the month progresses.