Rough assfuck behind a building

ass-for-use: I had the most glorious ass fucking today.

I met up with a friend for lunch, we got on the subject of sex and we discussed how his girlfriend wouldn’t “allow” anal. I got kind of riled up. He treats her great, buys her whatever she wants, and she can’t spread her tight ass for him??

Stuck up bitch. I’m so over girls who think they’re too good to get their asses and throats fucked.

Anyway. I told him how I decided to go anal only, anal & oral. He was amazed. He knew I liked it but was floored that a woman would want to teach herself to ignore her pussy and be an anal slut. But I do. Ha. Should have seen it coming but I ended up bent over the back of his car, parked behind an old abandoned big-lots.

But fuck it was hot. No kissing, no teasing, just straight ass fucking. He pulled over, ordered me out of the car, drug me by my hair and pushed me over the trunk. Panties torn aside, ordered to spread my cheeks, he spit and then dove in.

It hurt, but I’m a slut for painal. He didn’t let me clean up, my ass was leaking cum all over my dress the whole way home. UGH! How is this real life?
Can I please get my ass fucked like this again tonight????

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