Message: God Punishes Sodomy

Anonymous: Did you know that God punishes sodomy?

If there is a supernatural being who created the universe, I have to think it would have more to be concerned about than whether some of its creations were sticking their dicks into buttholes.

I’m far more concerned about consent and mutual enjoyment than what others think about my sex life, including alleged gods.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following responses.

ofbeastsandsophisticates: I love when people try to tell you what God thinks, especially people who don’t know the true history of their own faith. It is, or at least can be, quite comical. 

my-sub-conscience: ‘Thou shall not fucking judge thy neighbor!’ And I’m pretty sure that we’ll all be going to Hell then, having amazing incredible anal sex ❤️

kinktothebrink: Answer the question. Do you know?! Don’t give us such a cliffhanger.

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