Message: Anal Always vs. Anal Only

My GF had been an anal virgin before we met and she initiated the first anal sex we ever had. She really loves it and we have anal sex every time we do it. Sometimes we have weeks were we are anal only, especially when she is on her period because she does not like having vaginal sex then.

Although I also love anal sex and it makes me come very hard, I wouldn’t want to go anal only. I love the way the pussy feels as much as I like the ass. Are there actually men who dislike doing a girl in the pussy? For me that is a strange thought. Like saying you dislike blowjobs. Each sexual act has its own specific charms and I wouldn’t miss out on any of them.

If that works for you, great. Not everyone enjoys pussy, and may find having to add it into the mix alongside anal to be a negative, not a positive. There are also mental reasons why someone might want to be anal only—even if physically they don’t find pussy to be terrible, it can be a lot hotter to choose to exclusively have anal sex.

The original poster responded:

Today my GF texted me: Next week is going to be anal only. Wow!

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