Message: Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to be Limited by Anal Only

Anonymous: How do I get my boyfriend to abandon my pussy? I asked for a week of anal only and he said he didn’t want to be limited like that

Some people just aren’t into the idea and may not be able to be convinced. How often do you have anal sex currently? Is it something you’re able to do fairly easily with minimal preparation? Some guys like anal but don’t want to eliminate vaginal because anal can take more prep time before and they feel going anal only will eliminate the spontaneity. However, with practice, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case—after a few weeks of regular anal, possibly supplemented by regular wearing of a butt plug, it’s often not hard to quickly be ready for sex.

Perhaps there’s something he wants to do as well which you could offer in exchange for trying a week of anal? If he’s still hesitant, perhaps a shorter length of time? Explain to him that it’s something you want to try because you think it sounds hot, not to be limiting. Or, if you have other reasons driving that desire, like pain or discomfort or a lack of pleasure from vaginal, be very clear about that as well.

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