Why Stretch/Train Your Ass?

Anonymous: How comes you got obsession to stretch/train your butt with bigger toys? Pain or what?

willowkitty: It’s not painful. One of the biggest misconceptions about anal sex is that it is painful. If you are experiencing pain, then you need to listen to you body and slow down. You need to warm yourself up, and ease in to it slowly.

In order to properly have anal sex you need to start off small, just your pinky finger and work your way up from there. Lots and lots of lube. There should not be any pain, and with time you will be able to take larger toys.

Practice, practice, practice.

The reason I have been so in to anal training is because it feels amazing. Anal stimulation has changed the way I orgasm. The added sensation allows me to have much more powerful orgasms. For me, the stretching sensation is almost enough to send me right over the edge. The bigger I go, the more intense it is. In fact, I have had an anal only orgasm from just stretching alone; it was incredible. I cannot even begin to put it to words.

How could I possibly say no to that? hehehe.

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