Message: The Anal Only Tumblr Community

Anonymous: I just wanted to tell u that you seem to be the “big daddy” of the whole anal/anal only tumblr community. You always seem to have an answer to all questions we got that relate to the topic of anal sex. I’m thankful for the existence of u and ur blog.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I started this blog, and its related blogs, because they filled an absence in other tumblr blogs at the time. There were certainly other anal porn blogs out there, but not really any that were anal only, and none that were anal only and talked about the concept. (There was at least one non-Tumblr anal only blog at the time.) That was the start, and as it took off it started to also become a place for other people who shared my preference to talk about it in a place where they wouldn’t be judged for preferring anal (and a place where people who don’t like anal can also talk about it without being judged), and I’m so happy to have helped provide that, as well as a resource for people to learn to better enjoy anal sex.

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