Tumblr Banning All Adult Content Starting December 17

Tumblr has updated their terms of service and will be banning all adult blogs starting December 17. That means this blog and all associated blogs will be disabled and removed from public access soon.


Obviously, I’m quite disappointed by this and the resulting loss of over 6 years of work building and maintaining this blog and its community. I will try to set up a mirror of the Anal Only Lifestyle blog in the coming weeks, but I expect that the porn blogs may be gone for good just due to the costs of hosting large amounts of image/video content.

How Can I Stay Connected to the Anal Only Lifestyle Community?

Fortunately, we’re far more than just these blogs! This blog will remain in place at its current URL, but will be moving off Tumblr before the 17th. Our community is centralized at the Anal Only Lifestyle Forum and Discord serverPlease join and bookmark these links in order to stay connected with this community and follow our next steps as we continue to build and grow the anal only community. In addition to discussion and realtime chat, the Discord server also has porn sharing sections.

You can also find us on Twitter and Reddit.

What Can I Do About My Own Blog?

Tumblr lets you back up and download your blog. Go to your Blog Settings page for the blog in question, scroll to the bottom, click the Export button at the bottom, and wait for an email that notifies you it’s ready to be downloaded. If it’s a big blog, it might be a very large file—this blog was 25 GB!

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