Message: Where Is The Anal Only Lifestyle Going Post-Tumblr?

Where did u migrate to?

As noted in our posts on Tumblr and our Welcome post for the new version of this blog, this blog has migrated to this location off of Tumblr, where it will continue as it always has. Our Forum and Discord server also continue to be active. Our affiliated porn blogs that existed on Tumblr for the last 5 years currently have no suitable new home, and we are not moving them anywhere at this time but are continuing to watch the platforms that are popping up to see what might ultimately be appropriate for them.

We have an Anal Only Porn Blogs page here that is tracking where the various blogs end up. Many of them are in the same boat, waiting it out at the moment to see which platforms end up most popular and feature-friendly for our style of blogging. Keep checking back on that page to see where your favorite blogs end up.

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