Message: Month of Anal Only Spoiled Her So Much She Doesn’t Want To Go Back

Anonymous: I just wanted to say thank you. My GF and I tried no pussy november, wow did she like it. Anal was always her “favorite” thing, and one month of only anal has spoiled her so much she doesn’t want to go back. She’s just legitimately confused why her anal orgasms are so much more intense and satisfying after she gave up the idea of vaginal. Needless to say she is sold, we’re not going back to pussy ever.

Congratulations! It sounds like anal only is what was always best for her, she just needed to come to that realization, and after doing so and knowing she doesn’t need to keep doing something she finds less enjoyable and satisfying, she’s able to enjoy the anal even more and finds it more physically satisfying as a result. In a more general sense, though, it’s extremely common for women to find anal orgasms far more powerful than vaginal.

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