Message: Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Lose Her Virginity But Doesn’t Like Anal, Pt. 2

therealmikelowry: I did everything possible.. She was dripping wet.. I made her cum 6 times.. I ate her out and fingered her ass.. I and when ever i wanted to put 2 fingers.. She would shiver and hesitate. I tried and she just wouldn’t work with me. She wanted to make out while i play with her pussy, but i said no because if she gets to make new rules, i get to make new rules too. Simple as that.. She’s pretty mad about it, I’ll just wait until she gets back to what she was. She use to love anal..But idk whats up

Talk to her. Ask her what she wants. Ask her why she’s not as interested in anal anymore. You’ve got to communicate. Acting adversarial towards each other isn’t going to help anybody, and you won’t figure out how to work together if you don’t communicate with each other.

Maybe she’s worried that doing anal only makes her a “slut”, or fears a myth about anal sex causing damage. Perhaps she faced some sort of judgement about anal sex that turned her off about it. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Maybe she doesn’t enjoy it at all and just pretended because it was what you wanted, and that’s no longer enough for her. You won’t know what until you talk to her. Reassure her that you aren’t trying to pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do, and that you want to know what it is that she does want to do.

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