Message: Hate Mail

Anonymous: I’m I huge fan of you and your blog :)) I admire the determination and the honestly you show in every hate message you receive from the crowd! I respect that :)) me and my GF do ENJOY anal sex (and vaginal too, sorry XD, I know you are tolerant) I just want to encourage you to keep going and if some folks try to discourage you than tell them to go fuck some butt hole before talking about it 🙂 I mean if they did they will send you flowers instead of hate messages 🙂 so keep up with ANAL! Cheers.

Honestly, hate messages are exceedingly uncommon. Most people who contact me either enjoy anal or recognize that others do even if they don’t personally, and don’t act like trolls about it. Both recent angry messages undoubtedly came from the same source, and they don’t seem to be interested in further communication.

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