Message: The Stupidest Message

crispypizzadreamer: may I fuck your pussy

Normally I just delete the ridiculous messages I get like this, but this one takes it to a whole new level of absurdity. Where to begin?

  1. I am male. I make mention of this with some regularity, but people seem to miss it or not pay enough attention to notice. Fair enough—it’s not plastered everywhere on my blog, and people can make honest mistakes, but it does get annoying after a time.
  2. This is a blog advocating anal sex only and the total abandonment of vaginal sex. Even if I were a woman, what on this blog made you think I would have any interest in vaginal sex?
  3. If you want to actually get a reasonable response from someone, don’t lead with a request to fuck them. (And don’t just say “hi”, either. Lead with something actually interesting that will make the other person want to respond and talk with you.)

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