Message: How Do I Find an Anal Only Chick?

Anonymous: How do I find an anal only chick?!? What are some tips?

Generally, women don’t go around holding up signs and telling the world their sexual preferences. More power to those who are able to do so, but most of the time it’s a great way to get spammed with unwanted attention. So it’s not really easy to find someone with compatible sexual interests aside from the traditional way: find someone you like in other ways, and then take the relationship to the point where you find out if you’re also sexually compatible.

There are certainly a number of anal only women out there, but they are in the minority and your chances of simply running into someone who already has that interest are still fairly low. The reality is that most people in anal only relationships did not start that way and when the relationship began it’s unlikely that both partners wanted to or even considered being anal only.

Most anal only relationships are built over time because it’s something one partner wants or needs and after communication and experimentation with each other they may reach the point where they’re both willing to take the step of calling themselves anal only and both being okay with not having any more vaginal sex.

Not every person is willing to do this. Some (women and men both) may come to (or already) love anal but also enjoy vaginal at a similar level and be unwilling to give it up. Some may hate or be repulsed by anal and never reach the point where anal becomes a regular thing, let alone something like going anal only be considered. But others are willing to do it, or at least try it. Plenty of men and women both enjoy anal, and there are those adventurous enough to give just about anything new a try, including something like going a month with just anal sex and no vaginal. Those who get through that month and are still enjoying  themselves after are often open to the idea of extending the month further or indefinitely.

But don’t expect to jump right into a relationship and have it anal only from the start. It’s possible, but it’s still fairly improbable. Perhaps as anal continues to become more common and less taboo it will be more likely.

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