Message: Wish more Women Would Realize Anal Only Is Better

Anonymous: Your tired of the cunt too I see! How many girls will listen and be all anal? I wish more women would realize its better that way!

In my experience, most women end up liking it if they try it in a way that introduces them to it gently and without just shoving your cock in and expecting she’ll like it. It requires going about things the right way when starting out so that you don’t turn someone off it. But the reality is, not everyone is going to be interested, and you shouldn’t push someone to do something they don’t want to do. If you find that being anal only is something you need in a relationship and you’re with someone who isn’t interested in being anal only, you’ll have to decide whether your need outweighs how much you like that person for other reasons. Sex and sexual compatibility are very important but not the only part of a relationship.

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