Message: Anal Only With Crohn’s Disease?

This was originally posted on the anal only porn blog that accompanied this blog on Tumblr, so it refers to fantasy content that existed on there.

Anonymous: I read your tumblr during self play all the time. I love it! I love anal play, but I’ve just been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which means that (probably for the rest of my life) I have “tummy trouble” that makes my rectum sore- in a bad way! My doctor, who is queer and sex-positive, says to use common sense, lube, and not to do anal if it hurts. I like sex to be a part of every day, but I can’t do anal that often. But I know I HAVE TO have anal in order to be a real woman. What can I do?

Thank you for the kind words, I’m very glad you enjoy the blog.

First of all, despite the places of fantasy this blog sometimes goes, no one should feel they have to do any sort of sex act to be a “real woman” (or a “real man”, or a “real” anything). I imagine you are well aware of this fact and simply enjoy that fantasy as well as I do, but I don’t want anyone to actually feel pressured into doing anything based on other people’s expectations. A woman who prefers vaginal sex is a real woman, a woman who prefers anal sex is a real woman, a woman who prefers oral sex is a real woman, and a woman who doesn’t like sex at all is a real woman. This blog happens to be about women who prefer anal, but shouldn’t be seen as a criticism of those who don’t even if my captions may sometimes dip perhaps a little too close to that suggestion.

To get more into your actual question, however, this isn’t an area I have a great deal of experience with, unfortunately. I have read occasional accounts of people with both Crohn’s and Celiac disease who enjoy anal sex and talked about the challenges they faced. I would suggest searching for such subjects and seeing if you can find relevant discussions.

As Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disorder, I suspect (but do not know, as I am not a doctor!) that it may be a bad idea to engage in things like long term butt plug wear, as this has the potential to increase irritation and inflammation. Other than that, I would highly suggest following your doctor’s advice and approaching it with caution but not giving up on it. If it does turn out that you cannot engage in anal sex or play as frequently as you would prefer, you will have to decide what is more important for you—being able to engage in daily sexual activity or being primarily or exclusively anal oriented. There’s also the option of a sort of hybrid approach where you may engage in edging through non-anal means regularly but only orgasm when you are able to do anal play.

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