Message: Anal Only For 9 Months, But Now Single And Looking

play-in-the-rainI started doing anal only with a partner, and I loved it. I may not be the best anal only girl because I still crave a cock in my pussy sometimes, but to me the denial is part of the fun. Anyway, I haven’t had a cock in my pussy in 9 months, and I’m kind of proud of that. The problem is, I’m no longer with the guy who started me on this, but I think I want to continue it. What scares me is the idea of bringing up to new partners that I want anal only. Any suggestions on how to present that?

First of all, congratulations on being anal only for the past nine months—that’s great, and really something to be proud of! Very understandable that you wouldn’t want to stop now, and I (of course) highly recommend continuing.

It can understandably be a bit scary bringing such a preference up with a new partner. If it’s something you want to strictly stick to, I think it’s best to be very up front about it and how important it is to you the first time you have sex. You’ll no doubt get different responses from different guys, but I have to imagine a large number of men would react positively. This is non-scientific and may be incorrect, but I suspect women who want to be anal only may have a somewhat easier time finding a partner who is willing to embrace that than men in the same situation, as men tend to be a little more open minded about anal. This is certainly not universal, though—I have heard from women who want anal and can’t find a partner willing to try.

You could also try a (slightly more) subtle introduction to the up front disclosure about wanting to be anal only and wear a butt plug the first time you have sex so he sees that and immediately knows, without you having to say anything yet, that you like anal. Then you can take it from there and tell him what you want. Visual aids can be good.

I wish you good luck and hope you’re able to meet someone who can satisfy your anal only needs.

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