Best Girlfriend Ever

I’ve always been an anal fiend. I dated a girl for several years who was a virgin. I started playing with her bottom early on. She seemed to really get into me rubbing on her ass while we kissed. One day she was wearing a skirt with no undies, and leaning over my bed to seduce me. I got the vaseline out and started fingering her asshole. She really got into it. I was careful to always play with her clit and get her hot in other ways before during and after playing with her ass. I fucked her ass with all kinds of toys while eating her out. One day she asked for my cock, but not in her pussy. She was the horniest girl I’ve ever met and she came a dozen times every time I fucked her ass.

Eventually she does have vaginal sex, but ends up not caring for it compared to the pleasures of anal.

We broke up for a while, then got back together a few years later. After a few months of “normal” sex, she suggested going back to “anal only”. My heart leapt (and so did my cock!) For the next year we had anal exclusively – no pussy fucking whatsoever. I didn’t even finger her pussy or use toys in it.


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