Message: Anal Is The Way Ahead

Hey there! Great to hear you loving an anal sex lifestyle like myself! Every woman I have introduced to anal sex through the years have really taken to it in a big way and I’m so happy with that as anal is all that I’m interested in when in the bedroom! I really can’t be with a woman that won’t do anal, it’s that simple! There is no better feeling than taking a lovely tight little virgin asshole and showing it the way of anal love! The journey from vaginal sex only to anal sex only is a real learning curve and eye opener for most women but under my guidance they learn all about it one step at a time.

Thanks for the message! Agreed absolutely, and to most who complain about being unable to find an anal only partner, this shows the truth: most are made, not discovered. There are still only a relatively small number of anal only people out there, but growing constantly, and if you are dedicated to living an anal only life, rather than trying to find someone already anal only themselves, a better option for most is to find someone who you’re really compatible with in other ways and who is sexually open-minded, and then explore the pleasures of anal and the anal only lifestyle together with them.

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